Workers’ accommodation in the Saigerhütte

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The workers’ cottages were built at the same time as the Saigerhütte to ensure that its skilled workforce remained living in the area. This was necessary because there was intermittent production at the smelting works. The inventory for 1567 lists eight workers’ houses. They were adjacent to the production buildings, probably for security and fire safety reasons, i.e. the employees could be summoned rapidly in case of fire. One or possibly two families would live in each cottage rent-free on the understanding that they would keep it in good condition.

The Seiferthäusl was the birthplace and home of Kurt Seifert, a former saddler at VEB Blechwalzwerk Olbernhau. In 1964, he was placed in charge of the historic Kupferhammer (copper hammer). At the age of eighty, he was still operating the Breithammer (literally, broad hammer). His lively and humorous guided tours conferred legendary status on him, similar to that enjoyed by Ernst Johannes Schönherr, aka Hammer-Hansl, in Frohnau.

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Seiferthäusl, a former worker’s cottage, is now part of the visitors’ tour. One of the rooms is furnished in a style typical of a late 19th-century working class household and gives a valuable insight into the way that smelting workers and their families lived in that period. Another room has been fitted out as a cobbler’s workshop.
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