From the Upper Gate, the road leads on to the border crossing which has only existed since the Saigerhütte was founded. It was required for transporting mainly grain but also copper from Bohemia.

In 1553, a stone bridge was built over the river Natzschung, which had been defined as the border between Saxony and Bohemia since 1459 (Treaty of Eger).

A tollhouse was built on the Saxony side in 1612. This was on private land and the owner levied a small toll for the bridge, which primarily went towards its maintenance.

In 1812, the state of Saxony built a new tollhouse opposite the old one to fulfil a number of functions. This is currently in private ownership.

In 1813, Olbernhau-based pharmacy administrator Meerheim bought the old tollhouse and, following the discovery of two curative springs containing sulphur in 1816, built baths there known as the Schwefelbad (sulphur spa).

(Source: Wolfgang Neumann, Olbernhau)