The Saigerhütte Olbernhau-Grünthal heritage site

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Visitors gain an insight into the technology, history and social structure of a centuries-old metallurgical plant.

On display in the former copper store are archaeological finds, historical exhibits and models depicting both the development of the smelting works and the liquation process.

In the Kupferhammer shed, which is a fully functioning hammer mill, the Hammerknecht (hammersmith) recounts the story of the Saigerhütte and explains how the six-hundredweight Breithammer (Broad Hammer) works.

At the original location of the Lange Hütte (of which only the foundations remain), kilns, hearths and a crushing mill give an idea of the sheer scale of the smelting operation.

Since 1620, the building ensemble of school house, room house and guard house with the lower gate exists.

In the Arbeiterwohnhaus (worker’s cottage), visitors can learn more about the way of life of the metallurgical workers in the period around 1900.

The former Treibehaus has undergone extensive refurbishment and is now used as a multi-purpose hall for municipal, private and commercial events.

The Hüttenteich pond with its local history and nature trail is the perfect place to explore, linger and relax.

You will find further historic buildings in and around the Saigerhütte Grünthal:


Saigerhütte Grünthal is one element of the Montanregion Erzgebirge (Erzgebirge mining region) joint bid for UNESCO World Heritage status.

Saigerhütte Olbernhau-Grünthal bears unique testimony to a tradition of non-ferrous metallurgy dating back to 1537. It owes its name to the German technical term ‘Saigern’ (liquation), a smelting process that was revolutionary at that time for the desilvering of coarse copper. This self-contained former industrial community, which enjoyed a range of privileges, comprises more than 20 historic buildings and is surrounded by the remains of a fortified wall. With its many reminders of the mining legacy in the Erzgebirge region qualifying it as part of a joint bid with similar sites nearby for UNESCO world cultural heritage, the complex is now home to museums, leisure facilities, a hotel and places to eat.
Museum Saigerhütte mit Kupferhammer
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Museum Saigerhütte
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