Saigerhütte Museum: Central Exhibition

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As the exhibition is closed in January, please contact Frau Andrae on 037360 15134 or astrid.andrae(at) if you have any questions or would like to arrange an appointment.


The old Treibehaus burnt down in 1903. It was replaced by a new building, which later became a sports hall and is now a venue for events. The new building incorporated a previously planned extension for the storage of copperware (1911). It now houses the Central Exhibition.

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Interactive tour for children:

At certain times, the Saigerhütte Museum and the Spiel- und Erlebniswelt Stockhausen indoor play centre offer special interactive tours of the Saigerhütte museum complex for groups of children and families with children. The interactive children’s tours (Dem Geheimnis der Saigerhütte auf der Spur: On the trail of the secret of the Saigerhütte) are sponsored by the regional Erzgebirge and Central Saxony cultural council.

The trip back through the centuries takes in the most important parts of the Saigerhütte, including the perimeter wall, the worker’s cottage, the mint and the school. And, of course, visitors get to see the big copper hammer in working order!

It is a fun way to gets hands-on and find out how people lived, worked and learned in earlier times. You can also mint your own coin, watch a spinster at work or check out the punishment room in the old smelting works school, and lots more besides. .....

An action-packed, fun-filled interactive tour.


Further information on the Saigerhütte Museum Complex


The Saigerhütte Museum Complex is one of the most remarkable historic smelting work sites in Europe and is inextricably linked to the history of silver mining in the Erzgebirge region. To mark the 500th anniversary of the birth of Georgius Agricola and at the behest of Dr Hanns-Heinz Kasper, an exhibition on the history of the Saigerhütte was opened in 1994. There are drawings, historical artefacts, models, a film presentation called 453 Jahre Montanindustrie in Olbernhau (453 years of the mining industry in Olbernhau) and a ‘Probiertisch’ (assay table) to explain the development of the smelting works and the process of ‘saigern’ or liquation. Liquation is the name given to the separation of copper and silver by smelting.
Museum Saigerhütte mit Kupferhammer
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  • Erwachsene:  4,50 Euro
  • Kinder (6 - 16 Jahre), Azubis, Studenten:   1,50 Euro
  • Familienkarte (2 Erwachsene, ab 1 Kind):   10,00 Euro
  • Kindergruppen (Kiga, Hort, Schule):   1,00 Euro / Person
  • Gruppe ab 10 Personen:   2,50 Euro / Person


  • Erwachsene:   3,00 Euro
  • Kinder (6 - 16 Jahre), Azubis, Studenten:   1,00 Euro
  • Familienkarte (2 Erwachsene, ab 1 Kind):   6,50 Euro
  • Kindergruppen (Kiga, Hort, Schule):   0,75 Euro / Person
  • Gruppe ab 10 Personen:   2,00 Euro / Person

Kupferhammer und Ausstellung (Kombikarte):

  • Erwachsene:   6,00 Euro
  • Kinder (6 - 16 Jahre), Azubis, Studenten:   2,00 Euro
  • Familienkarte (2 Erwachsene, ab 1 Kind):  13,00 Euro
  • Kindergruppen (Kiga, Hort, Schule):   1,50 Euro / Person
  • Gruppe ab 10 Personen:   4,00 Euro / Person

Bonuscard: 4,00 Euro / Person statt 6,00 Euro / Person für Hammer und Ausstellung