The shed containing the New Hammer can be found outside the perimeter wall on the other side of Grünthaler Strasse. It was built in 1586/87 to replace the shed for the Small Hammer, which had been converted to a brewery. It contained three hammers which were driven by a water wheel with a diameter of around 8.5 metres via an oak shaft and cams. Another water wheel drove the blast bellows for the smelting works fire via a system of gear rods.

The hammer was primarily used for forging pans, bowls and small plates.

The peak on the chimney is said to represent the hat of the owner, the Prince Elector.

The interior was converted to a copper hammer shed when the complex was redesigned as a museum in 1960 and now allows fully functioning demonstrations.

In the late nineties, the building, including the smithy’s accommodation, was renovated with help from Deutsche Stiftung Denkmalschutz (the German Foundation for the Preservation of Historic Buildings) and extended to include a foundry workshop.