At certain times, the Saigerhütte Museum and the Spiel- und Erlebniswelt Stockhausen indoor play centre offer special interactive tours of the Saigerhütte museum complex for groups of children and families with children. The interactive children’s tours (Dem Geheimnis der Saigerhütte auf der Spur: On the trail of the secret of the Saigerhütte) are sponsored by the regional Erzgebirge and Central Saxony cultural council.

The trip back through the centuries takes in the most important parts of the Saigerhütte, including the perimeter wall, the worker’s cottage, the mint and the school. And, of course, visitors get to see the big copper hammer in working order!

It is a fun way to gets hands-on and find out how people lived, worked and learned in earlier times. You can also mint your own coin, watch a spinster at work or check out the punishment room in the old smelting works school, and lots more besides. .....

An action-packed, fun-filled interactive tour.