The area selected by Hans Leonhardt for the construction of the Saigerhütte was part of the Lauterstein estate. On 24th June 1537, a contract of sale was signed for “einen Raum obendig Olbernhau an Iltgen Grundigs rein anhabende bis an die Bemische grenntz” (an area extending from Olbernhau to the Bohemian border).

Among the privileges granted to Saigerhütte was the right of the inhabitants to self-provisioning. The hunting of rabbits and the use of the land for keeping chickens was permitted.

In 1538, Leonhardt acquired three ‘hides’ (between 450 and 900 acres) of land on the other side of the Bohemian border from the manorial lord, Sebastian von der Weitmühl auf Komotau. Here, too, he was granted the customary legal rights, including the hunting of deer, rabbits and game birds.

The building is now part of the Hotel Saigerhütte and is used for receptions and other events.