The flour mill was one of the first buildings constructed on the Saigerhütte site. It was of great importance in the provisioning of the workers, because there was nowhere nearby where they could otherwise have purchased bread, cakes and flour. The Hüttenmühle had three millstones in operation.

The building was leased from the start. The grain was mostly sourced from southern Lausitz (i.e. the area between the Elbe and Spree rivers) and from Bohemia.

In 1817 the tenancy became a leasehold, and in 1842, the then leaseholder became owner of the mill.

Production of flour ceased in 1882. The mill became a woodworking company until it was acquired a few years later by Sächsische Kupfer- und Messingwerke F.A. Lange.

Until late 2017, it was used as a B&B and café.