Cupellation house (Treibehaus) in the Saigerhütte

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Originally, the separation of the silver contained in the process lead, referred to as ‘treiben’ (cupellation), was carried out in the Saigerhütte. The Treibehaus, in which cupellation was carried out, was built immediately behind the Saigerhütte (Lange Hütte)  in 1586/87. This also contained a laboratory and, at times, the coin mint, which went into service for the first time between 1621 and 1623. The raw material used was copper from Grünthal, with a small amount of silver, as preferred by other mints in Germany.

Once liquating was discontinued, the Treibehaus served for many years as a store. In 1886, it was converted into a foundry.

The old Treibehaus burnt down in 1903. When it was rebuilt, it was in the industrial style typical of Grünthal at around the turn of the century. The arched windows, doors and gates with their red fired tiles form a decorative element against the whitewashed façade.

The former Treibehaus later became a sports hall.

The new building incorporated a previously planned extension for storage of copperware (1911). It now houses the Central Exhibition.


Further information about the Saigerhütte heritage site

The Treibehaus is a multi-purpose building which was reopened following extensive renovation in October 2012 and is available for municipal, private and commercial functions.
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